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Fool of Me (Poetry)

Updated: May 4, 2020

i'm such a fool

let me be a fool for you

let me cover you in my foolishness

my foolish ways have gotten me into awkward plays

and i make no apologies for it

but i do make claims on love

i write poems about love

i get long-winded and strong about love

i ain't afraid of love

i go out on tours and hold pep rallies and marches for love

i'll stand underneath waterfalls for love

how i feel about you?

i swing for the fences, you know i do

love is more than a four-letter word

love is what you give it

love is what i get you

love is bringing you tea on a cold day

love is saying i will miss you, even if you choose to walk away

love is what you make it

love is what i give you

and i give you all of me

because i'm a fool

i'm such a fuckin' fool



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