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Top 8 Vanlife IG Accounts

To date more than 6.2 million Instagram posts have been tagged #vanlife.

But who started the movement?  It's said that photographer and filmmaker Foster Huntington is credited to spotlighting the recent wave.  In 2013, after three years on the road, Huntington self-published “Home Is Where You Park It,” a collection of photos from his time living in a camper van and traveling across North America.  However, folks have been camping in vans, living the alternative lifestyle since the 1960s and 1970s. 

Van Life: Your Home on the Road,” (pictured above) is Huntington’s second book, and was published by Black Dog & Leventhal in October 2017.

From being location independent and exploring parks to setting your own schedule and paying off debt, choosing #vanlife is as personal as it is exciting.  I personally want to pursue the lifestyle to be location independent and to travel the US and beyond.

That said, I follow several #vanlife accounts for various reasons: aesthetic purposes and informational content to DIY ideas, travel inspiration and conversion tips.  In no particular order, below are my top 8 van life accounts to follow

Vanlife Diaries / @vanlifediaries - stories | art | community

ProjectVanlife / @project.vanlife - ideas | projects | variety

Off The Grid with a Kid / @offthegridwithakid - black female traveler & 11-year old son exploring the nooks and crannies of the US

Vacay Vans / @vacayvans - former lawyer turned vanlifer & digital nomad

Vans & Girls / @vans.and.girls - women living their best lives in vans

Bearfoot Theory / @bearfoottheory - adventurer | Open Roads Fest founder

The Nomadic Sunny / @thenomadicsunny - digital creator & co-founder of recreation & sports website, Van X (@explorevanx)

That’s Vangasmic / @thatsvangasmic - inspiration for van lifers, lovers & dreamers


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